Bank Reconciliations Glen Carbon IL

Bank Reconciliations Glen Carbon IL

When operating a business, no matter what size it is, there are a few things that will have to be taken care of. From bank reconciliations to making sure everyone gets paid, these are things you will have to handle. Some tasks may be easy, while others can be quite a headache. Whatever the task may be, Quality Accounting Solutions is a company dedicated to helping wherever they can. If you are looking for bank reconciliations in Glen Carbon, IL, or similar services, you can get in contact with QAS.

What is Bank Reconciliation?

Bank reconciliation is an important part of running a business, though some people may not know exactly what that is. Bank reconciliation is the act of matching your business’s accounting records for cash to the information on your bank statement. This is so you can make sure the information matches and corresponds.

How Often Should It Be Done?

It is important that you have this done on a regular basis so you can make sure your cash records are accurate. Without this, you may have less money than you think you have, which can cause over drafting and bounced checks. Many people choose to do this at the beginning of each month, but it is also a good choice to do this every day. There is a process to follow when it comes to bank reconciliation, and places such as QAS are able to help you with that, as they have a team of professionals on their side. They can help you through it, even if you don’t know what exactly to do.

Should I Use QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is something that many businesses turn to for help managing big and small tasks, and Quality Accounting Solutions can take care of that for you as well. They offer QuickBooks hosting as well as consulting, training, bookkeeping, and more. Their advisors are professionally trained to help you with various aspects of QuickBooks. They can even offer discounts and will send you tips and tricks every month.

What Can QuickBooks Be Used For?

QuickBooks can be used for many different purposes, all related to accounting and finances. For one, you are able to track all of your sales and income. You can create invoices, and keep track of individual customers so you are able to see exactly how much they owe you. In addition to keeping up with the money that people owe you, you can keep up with all of the money you are spending. You can pay your bills and other expenses, and set up recurring payments to make sure you pay all your bills on time.

Payroll and Taxes

When it comes time to pay your employees, QuickBooks can also take care of payroll, whether you want to use checks or direct deposits. At tax time, QuickBooks will also take care of filing taxes, and creating 1099s for any independent contractors you hired. If you need QuickBooks or bank reconciliation help for your business, you can contact Quality Accounting Solutions for a multitude of services.

Bank Reconciliations Glen Carbon IL